Add a Segment

A segment is a group of visitors identified by a common characteristic such as gender, age, language, or location. You use segments to route a particular test to a specific audience.

  1. From the navigation menu, click Library.
  2. Select the Segments tab and then click New Segment.
  3. Create a segment rule
    1. Click a segment category, such as Demographics or Date & Time
    2. From the list of segment attributes that appears, select one from the list and drag it to the right to add a rule.
    3. Set the rule operator and segment attribute to the desired value. For example, Language | is | Spanish. Required fields vary between one segmentation items. See Segmentation Options for more information.
    4. Click minus ( - ) to remove an attribute. Click plus ( + ) to add another attribute of the same type.
      Note: When you add multiple attributes, you must set the match type:
      • Match Any Visitors are included in the segment if they match any of the attributes set.
      • Match All Visitors are included in the segment if they match all of the attributes set.
  4. (optional) Add another segment rule. You can create a complex segment that uses more than one segment rule. Repeat the steps above, and then add a logical operator (AND or OR) between the categories.
    Note: Segment rules work in conjunction with the match type; changing one will change the other. This ensures that the segment rule works logically.
  5. After you complete the segment rule, click Next and enter a name and a brief description.
  6. Click Finish. The new segment is now available from the Library and can be added to tests.