Activating and Deactivating Rule Sets

If you have the Score Rule Set Enablement user right, you can set any rule or rule set to an active or inactive state.

When you deactivate a rule or rule set, Score does not use the rule or rule set to score data next time scoring occurs. Rules and rule sets that are active show a green icon in the Status column. Rules and rule sets that are inactive show a red icon in the Status column.

If you have already created as many rule sets as your license allows, you can only create new rule sets that are inactive. To activate them, contact your Webtrends sales representative to increase your license or deactivate some existing rule sets. Then set the inactive rule sets to the Active state.

To activate a rule, mouse over it and click Activate on the Action menu. To deactivate it, click Deactivate. You can also use the Rule Status setting to select Active or Inactive when you are creating a rule.

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