Extracting Score Data with Data Scheduler

You can use Data Scheduler to extract the score sum for a rule set.

Scheduling Score Extracts

To schedule an extract of a score sum:

  1. Save the rule set.

    After the Score engine has run, the score data is available to Data Scheduler.

  2. In Analytics On Demand, navigate to Administration > Import/Export > Data Scheduler > Upcoming .
  3. Click New > Visitor Data Extract .
  4. The rule set appears in the Object drop-down beginning with the word "Score".
Note: If you need more help, follow the instructions in the Data Scheduler online Help. To access Help, click the ? in the upper right corner of the Upcoming table.

In addition to the filters you can apply in Segments, Data Scheduler has filtering options that you can use when you schedule an extract.

The output of a visitor data extract is a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The file is uploaded to your secure FTP site automatically. See Data Scheduler online Help for more information.

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