Designing and Configuring Rule Sets

To score visitor data, you create one or more rule sets to associate with a Visitor Data Mart profile.

Rule sets contain one or more rules that score different kinds of web site activity. A rule set typically focuses on a specific area of site behavior. For example, you can focus a rule set on a certain type of campaign activity, one or more content groups, or a custom event.

Rule sets can consist of only one or two simple rules, but you can also design rule sets that include multiple types of data, custom events, and other complexities. Different types of rules help you assess the value of certain user actions on your site:

  • Use a Purchase rule to assign a point value per unit of revenue. For example, you can assign one point per dollar purchased.
  • Use a Referrer rule to assign a point value to motivated users who arrived at your site through an organic (non-paid) search.
  • Use a Scenario rule to assign points to users who complete one or more steps in an ordered web site procedure such as a purchase or registration.

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