Qualifying Your Visitors with Score

Qualifying visitors is the process of identifying those that qualify for targeted marketing efforts.

If your web site sells products, determining the quality of your visitors can be as simple as looking at lifetime visitor values. With the increasing sophistication of multi-channel marketing schemes, however, you probably want to identify more subtle gradations of interest that can be revealed by web site activity. In short, you want to know which users qualify for targeted marketing efforts based on their patterns of content interest, presales decision-making process, brand affinity, patterns of accessing user assistance resources, or other indicators of user value, qualification, or affinity.

Using Score with your Visitor Data Mart data, you can design your own qualification rules. For example, suppose you want to market vacation specials by region to visitors to your travel site. Rather than lose brand loyalty by sending unwanted email about tropical package vacations to customers who prefer train travel in Europe, you want to identify users who are likely to respond to email offers, and then determine user interest by region.

To do this, you create a rule set called Latin American Travel, and allocate points as follows:

Custom Event Rule
10 points for an email clickthrough
Content Group Rule
10 points for accessing one or more pages the Mexico, Brazil or Argentina article content groups
Product View Rule
10 points each for viewing a product page for a package to any Latin American destination.

By creating similar rule sets for Europe, Western America, Eastern Seaboard, and other travel regions, you can determine a qualification score for each visitor based on demonstrated affinity. This score accumulates across visits during the reporting period. By exploring these scores in Visitor Data Mart data, you can identify segments of visitors who score high on the Latin American Travel rule set, create reports that correlate these scores with other visitor activity, and identify the email addresses of high-scoring visitors for email campaigns based on their travel preferences.

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