Filtering Visitors

By default, only visitors matching the criteria for your segment are included in the segment, but you can define segments by excluding visitors in various ways.

Filter visitors based on any events and attributes defined in your Visitor Data Mart using the Exclude button and attribute operators , individually, or in combination.

Tip: Don't forget to refresh the visitor count while you're building a segment to get an idea of how the different options affect your segment.

Filtering Using the Exclude Button

The simplest way to exclude visitors from your segment is to use the Exclude button.

When you select Exclude, visitors matching the criteria you specify are filtered out of the segment.

In the following example, visitors whose country matches "Canada" or "United States" will be excluded from the segment.

Figure 1. Excluding visitors using "Exclude"

Filtering Using Attribute Operators

Another way to filter visitors is to creatively choose operators for attributes that require text input.

In the following example, Include is selected, but instead of using "is" operators, we've used "is not" operators to say that the segment should include all visitors whose country does not match "Canada" or "United States".

Figure 2. Excluding visitors using operators
Note: Using this method, you should select Match all to ensure that visitors match neither "Canada" nor "United States".

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