Managing Segments

Segments lets you build on the work of other users by using an existing segment as the basis for a new one. The catalog lists existing segments, attributes, and Score rule sets that you can use to discover or build a new segment.

Using the Catalog

Saved segments and other items used to build or discover segments are available in the catalog. All of the segments defined by the users on your account are visible in the segment catalog.

Figure 1. Selecting an object container to list items On the left side of the catalog are object containers: Favorites, Visitor, Visit, Events, Score, Segments, Groups, Created by Me and All.

When you click an item from a segment or attribute list, its information panel appears below the catalog. It lists a description of the segment, its author, and the date and time it was created or modified.

From the information panel, you can add tags to a segment that will help account users find it in their searches. You can also click the star in the right-hand corner to add or remove the segment from your personal favorites list.

Figure 2. Information Panel Information panel example for the segment "Cart Add Abandonment."

Segment Compatibility and Dependencies

If a segment you define has properties that make it incompatible with the current profile, it still appears in the catalog, but it is disabled (grayed out).

Figure 3. Disabled segment Disabled segments have grayed-out text.

When you build a segment, it becomes available to all users on your account who have access to Segments. Any user can use a segment as part of a new segment definition, as long as the segment is valid for the current profile.

See Building a Segment for more information about using segments within segments.

Keep the following in mind as you work with segments:

  • Segments can be used within the definitions of other segments, so if you edit or delete a segment, other segments based on it will be disabled. If any scheduled data extracts used the deleted segment, they won't run. For more information about nested segments and invalid segment references, see Troubleshooting Segments
  • If you're not sure whether a segment you want to modify is in use by other segments or by other users, you can copy and rename it to make changes safely.

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