Searching Segment Definitions

Easily find the segment you need using the available search and sorting options.

Search and Filter Catalog Items

As you type characters in the search box, the search returns items that have a matching text string in the title, description, author, or tags. Matching characters can appear in a leading, trailing or embedded position.

Search operates on the selected container's items. If you don't know the type of objects you're searching for (Event, Visitor, Score, etc.), click the container All to expand your search to all object types.

Note: Because attributes are not populated until you drag an event to the canvas, they are not included in the search.
Figure 1. Results of the search string 'purch' (click to enlarge) The search returning matches for the string 'purch'."

Limit Catalog Search

You can further limit the search to find matches within a certain item property. From the corresponding drop-down list, choose one of the following: Title, Description, or Tags.

Figure 2. Searching Options Drop-down list of search options.

Sort Search Results

Use the Sort By drop-down list to arrange the list of items by Name, Date Added or Date Modified. Additionally, use the corresponding arrow button to arrange the list in Ascending or Descending order.

Figure 3. Sorting Options Drop-down list of sorting options.

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