Building Segment Groups

A segment group contains two or more ranges of values (purchase amounts, visits, scores or other numeric data).

To build ranges of values in a segment group:

  1. From the canvas, click Build Segment plus sign.
  2. Click calendar icon to specify a time period.

    The time period shows when the visitor activity occurred. The default is seven days; select a longer time period to see more data. This time selection is not saved with any segments or objects—it applies only to the current segment discovery or build session.

    If you change the time period after adding objects to the canvas, Segments adjusts the data based on the new time period. If no data exists for that time period, objects in the tree are removed and replaced with the message "No data available for the selected period."

  3. Drag an object onto the canvas.
  4. Under the object name, select Group.
    The object changes to a Group object, with two rows representing a default range.
    Note: The Group object guides you to specify two or more ranges of values between a minimum and maximum. Select the Auto check box your choice of the range value populates the following row's range information. The initial range when you select Group is:
    Min+ to 1:
    A range of values greater than the minimum value, up to and including 1
    1+ to Max:
    A range of values greater than 1, up to and including the maximum value
  5. Type a value for the upper bound of a range in the first row and click +
    A row is added (the upper bound you just specified is the beginning value of the new row).
  6. Type a value for the upper bound of the next range in the second row and click in the empty range label field.
    The second range field populates, and the values are refreshed in the following range.
  7. Add rows and provide values until the group is complete.
    Note: As you add and subtract rows and modify values, Segments updates values and sorts the rows.
  8. Type a name and description for the group.
  9. Click Save.
    The group is saved and the discover canvas reappears.

Scenario: Creating segments for visit counts

You have ranges of visit counts in mind and want to create segments of visitors who made 5 visits, 5 to 10 visits, and more than 10 visits. On the build canvas, you've selected the date you want.

  1. Drag Visitor Visit Count onto the canvas.
  2. Select Group.
  3. In the first row, type 5 in the range value field.
  4. Click +.
  5. In the next row, type 10.
  6. Click in the empty range label field.

    The range label populates, and the last row refreshes with the values you supplied.

    Figure 1. Building a Visitor Visit Count segment group A visitor visit count segment group has multiple ranges of visitor counts, for example: up to 5, 5-10, and more than 10.
  7. For the group name, type Visit Count Group: 5, 5-10, >10.
  8. Provide a description.
  9. Click Save.
    The group is saved and the discover canvas reappears.
    Note: If you drag the group onto the build canvas for editing, it appears as 3 objects, one for each range you defined, joined by "OR" buckles.

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