Discovering Segment Groups

A segment group contains two or more ranges of values (purchase amounts, visits, scores or other numeric data). You can access the groups through the All Others node.

To discover ranges of values in visitor populations:

  1. Discover a segment with a range of numeric data.
  2. Click Options on the All Others node.
    The histogram window opens to its Ranges display with visitor counts (y-axis) and the numeric attribute (x-axis).
  3. Under the numeric attribute, drag the sliders right or left to adjust the ranges.
  4. When the ranges contain the values you want, click Save as Group.
    The group opens in the editor with the Group icon above it, and the ranges joined by "OR" buckles.
  5. Under Range Labels enter a meaningful name for each range. These names will later appear in the catalog, so use words or numbers to accurately describe the ranges.
  6. Give the segment group a name and a description.
  7. Click Save.
    The group is saved, and the discover canvas reappears.

Scenario: Increasing Revenue from Small Purchasers

You want to target people who have spent relatively small amounts on your site in order to drive more revenue from these customers. You need to create an RFM segment of customers and compare purchase amounts within the segment.

To find this segment of visitors:

  1. Select the Event category in the left side of the catalog and drag the Customer element onto the canvas.
  2. Click Lifetime Value.

    The visitor population is broken down by largest 5 visitor groups with their sums of revenue.

  3. Click Options on the All Others node.

    The histogram appears, breaking down the All Others population into 4 ranges of revenue totals, but the totals are larger than the "relatively small" amounts you were thinking about.

  4. Click A la carte to select different nodes.

    The node selection dialog opens.

  5. Clear the default check boxes, and then check the nodes for the lower sums you're interested in.
  6. Click Save as Group.

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