Tagging Segment Definitions

Add tags to a segment to help account users find it in their searches. Or add the segments you use most often to your Favorites list.

A tag is a keyword or term you add to a segment to make it more easily identifiable during searches. You can use tags to add search terms that do not appear in a segment title or description, or to group segments that share a common goal.

Note: Tags are defined at the account level. When you add, edit, or remove a tag, other account users are affected.
  1. Click the Segments category in the catalog to display the list of segments.
  2. Click the segment to select it.
    The segment's name and description appear in the information panel.
  3. In the Tags space, type your tag and press Enter.

    If any existing tags match your entry, a list of suggestions appears. Select a tag from the list or continue typing your original tag.

    Figure 1. Adding Tags Example of multiple tags added to cart abandonment segment.
  4. Type additional tags. Tags are saved automatically with the segment.
  5. (optional) To add the segments to your Favorites list, click the star in the right-hand corner. When the star is blue it has been added.

Remove a Tag

To remove a tag, click the X to its right.

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