Troubleshooting Segments

If a segment becomes invalid or gets damaged it will be unusable.

Symptom Problem Solution

Disabled (grayed out) segment.
In editing mode, a segment in the catalog is disabled, and the segment icon has a circle around it.

Nested Segment

The segment is contains a segment and cannot be added to another segment. For example, SegmentA can contain SegmentB, but SegmentA can't be added to SegmentC because it already contains a segment.
A nested segment can be used in exploration, but it cannot be used in the definition of another segment. Nor can more segments be added to is definition. You can copy the segment and remove nested segments from its definition to edit non-destructively.
When segments, attributes or events are unavailable or deleted, invalid reference errors occur.

Invalid Reference

A segment, event, or attribute referenced by the segment is not valid for the current profile or has been deleted.
Read the description of the segment in the information panel. If you are sure that the invalid references can be deleted, Edit the segment and delete the invalid reference.
Caution: Do not delete invalid references if you are unsure how the segment is used. A reference that is invalid in one profile, may be usable in a different profile.
A segment is disabled and can't be dragged onto the canvas, but it doesn't appear to be nested or contain an invalid reference.
  • A segment cannot be added to its own definition.
  • The segment may not be valid for the current profile because the events or attributes that define it are not available to the profile.
None. This is expected behavior.

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