Extracting Segment Data

The purpose of creating a segment is to use it as the basis for a visitor data extract in Data Scheduler, so you can combine segment data with data from other systems.

Creating a Visitor List Extract

After you save a segment, you can get a visitor list for the segment without leaving your Segments session.

  1. Click the segment name in the catalog.

    The segment's information panel appears.

  2. Under the segment information panel, click Create Visitor List.

    The Extract visitors from segment dialog opens.

  3. Enter a name and time range for the extract.
  4. Select the attributes you want to include. Enter a word or phrase in the search field to find a particular attribute.
  5. Click Create Visitor List.

    A confirmation message appears, then you receive an e-mail telling you the extract is available. This can take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on segment complexity, time range, and number of visitors.

  6. Open the e-mail and click the link.
  7. The Available Visitor List dialog appears.

Scheduling Segment Extracts

To schedule an extract of your segment:

  1. In Segments, save the segment.
  2. In Analytics On Demand, navigate to Administration > Import/Export > Data Scheduler > Upcoming .
  3. Click New > Visitor Data Extract .
Note: If you need more help, follow the instructions in the Data Scheduler online Help. To access Help, click the ? in the upper right corner of the Upcoming table.

In addition to the filters you can apply in Segments, Data Scheduler has filtering options that you can use when you schedule an extract.

The output of a visitor data extract is a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The file is uploaded to your secure FTP site automatically. See the Data Scheduler online Help for more information.

Using Extracted Data

You get the most engagement and conversion value from Segments when you combine segment data with customer data from other systems. You can use this data:

  • As a source of data that relates visitor, visit, and event information from your web site to data in your email, CRM, EDW, or content management system
  • As input to Webtrends Optimize (extracts available to Optimize are flagged)

Common Questions

Can I export visitor data directly from Segments?
Yes, you can generate a visitor list after you create and save a segment by clicking Create Visitor List in the segment's information panel.
Can other people schedule visitor data extracts based on segments I create?
Yes. All segments that are valid for the currently selected profile in data scheduler are available for extract. There are no user restrictions other than those that restrict access user access to specific profiles.
How soon do new segments become available for selection in Data Scheduler?
A segment becomes available as soon as you save it in Segments.
What can I do with segment groups in Data Scheduler?
The group appears in Data Scheduler as it does in Segments. You can create an extract from a segment in the group.

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