Installer Wizard Method for Instrumenting Analytics for SharePoint Feature

You can add the Webtrends SharePoint Analytics Feature to a site collection through the Webtrends Site Collection Feature Installer. The installer properly uninstalls earlier versions for you.

Note: You must have SharePoint farm administrator and SQL Server administrator permissions to install the Webtrends SharePoint Analytics Feature. In the latest SQL Server versions, local machine administrator permissions do not automatically give you SQL administrator permissions unless you were the user that installed the SQL Server instance.

Have the DCSID you will use for the collection(s) ready; the installer prompts for it.

  1. Install the Webtrends SharePoint Analytics Feature.
    1. Copy the Setup directory to the SharePoint computer.
    2. Run setup.exe and follow the prompts.
      Tip: If the system check fails, start the SharePoint Foundation 2013 Administrator service in your Windows Administrative Tools.
  2. If necessary, activate the Webtrends SharePoint Analytics Feature.
    Note: The installer attempts to activate the Feature for all of the selected Site Collection Deployment Targets. However, the installer cannot activate a deployment target if another user is editing it. Webtrends recommends that you always perform the activation step after installation.
    1. From the Site Actions drop-down menu, choose Site Settings, and then click Site collection features in the Site Collection Administration category.
    2. Locate Webtrends SharePoint Analytics and then click Activate .

      The Webtrends SharePoint Analytics option is active.

      Verifying the Webtrends site collection Feature is active in Site Collection Administration