Configuring an Action for a Universal Destination

Follow these steps to configure an action for a Universal destination.

  1. Click New Action on the Actions dashboard. The Create a new action dialog opens.
  2. Enter a unique name for the action that enables users to locate the action on the dashboard. Provide a description of the action.
  3. Complete one of the following:
    • Create a connection and destination if not already created
    • Select Universal, then select the desired connection and destination if a connection and destination were previously configured
    • Note: You may reuse any existing universal connections and destinations on multiple actions.
  4. Select a saved Streams Lab to specify the data to send. The query parameters used in that lab populate the dialog.
  5. Enter the column name exactly as you want it mapped at the target destination for each query parameter, so the query parameter values are written to the appropriate table columns. For more information, see A note about column mappings.
  6. Click Save.