Configuring a Connection for ExactTarget

Follow these steps to configure a connection for ExactTarget.

  1. On the Actions dashboard, click Manage Connections. The Manage Connections dialog opens.
  2. Click ExactTarget in the navigation bar. The Connect to ExactTarget dialog opens.
  3. Complete the name, endpoint (address), login and password.
  4. Click New or select a destination. The Create a destination for ExactTarget dialog opens.
  5. Provide the names, classification, data retention and Key Column Name for the destination and click Save.
    • Table and column names must match exactly the names as they occur in the database.
    • Key Column Name is the primary key in the table. The column name you enter here must match one of the column names you enter when mapping query parameters to columns, thereby designating a query parameter as the primary key. For more information, see A note about column mappings.