Webtrends Library Operational Settings

Settings for running the Webtrends Mobile Library for BlackBerry.

If you implement the library using the recommended settings, you should not need to make any modifications beyond specifying the DCSID associated with a Webtrends data source. However, you can use the following strings to customize the operations of the Webtrends Mobile Library. Configuration information for the library is stored as strings starting with wt_dc_ in the webtrends.xml file. All settings are stored as strings.
Specifies the type of application the traffic is coming from. This setting allows you to group traffic from similar applications. For example, you could set this value to "game" for some applications and "productivity" for others. This value is required.
Specifies the name of your application. This setting enables you to distinguish traffic from different applications even when the same DCSID is used. This value is required.
Specifies the publisher of your application. Using this setting lets you report on traffic by publisher. This value is required.
Specifies the version of your application. This value is sent using the Webtrends parameter WT.av. The default value is 1.0.
Specifies the percentage of battery capacity that must be charged before the Library can operate. Supported values are 1-100. The default value is 30. If a value less than 1 is specified, the Library uses the default level of 30. If a value greater than 100 is specified, the Library uses a value of 100.
Specifies a DCSID, the unique identifier for a Webtrends data source. The DCSID allows Webtrends to separate your data from other data sent to the data collection server. This value must be configured and has no default.
Enables application logging. This data is written to the application log with an application tag of "Webtrends". The debug output is visible in the console output. The default value is false.
Allows data to be sent to Webtrends. The default value is true. Setting this value to false prevents sending data to Webtrends.
Specifies the number of times the Library will try sending an event to data collection before giving up and deleting it. The default value is 5.
Specifies the number of events allowed in the event queue. If this value is exceeded, the oldest event is dropped to make room for a new one. This number is checked each time an event is added to the queue. The default value is 10000.
For applications that do not already have the PERMISSION_INTERNET, PERMISSION_CROSS_APPLICATION_COMMUNICATION or PERMISSION_SECURITY_DATA permissions, this setting specifies whether the Library should request the permissions in order to send and store data. If any permissions that the Library requests are denied under current application policy, application users will be prompted to allow or refuse the missing permissions the first time they use the application.
Specifies the maximum session length in minutes. The default value is 480.
Specifies the session length in minutes. The default value is 30.
Specifies the time zone of the Webtrends data source as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For example, Pacific Time is expressed as -8. This setting should match the value used when creating the Webtrends data source.
Enables or disables burst mode. Valid values are continuous (the default) and burst. This setting does not take effect until the app is fully restarted.
Specifies the base URL used to contact the data collection API. The default URL is https://dc.webtrends.com/v1