Create Pivot Tables

Use pivot tables to view multi-dimensional data. In Webtrends, the simplest report is multi-dimensional, because time is a dimension.

Pivot tables are an easy way to increase insights into data through aggregation (sums, averages, etc.). You can easily “pivot” the data to exclude a dimension, reorder measures, and so on.

  1. Open a workbook with Webtrends data imported into a table.
  2. Highlight a cell in the table and select Insert > PivotTable.

    The Create Pivot Table dialog box appears.

  3. Select New Worksheet and click OK.

    Excel 2007 and 2010 logos.The Pivot Table Field list appears in the right frame.

    Excel 2003 logo.The pivot table pop-up palette appears.

  4. Drag dimensions to the Row Labels area and measures to the Values area to create a data structure similar to a Webtrends report. You can also:
    • Expand and collapse rows
    • Re-sort by selected measures, or limit the view to only the measures of interest
    • Remove the time dimension to aggregate like values across time periods
    • Remove the Entry Page dimension to get an aggregate of all referring sites
    • Use the filter to filter out entry pages with less than a given number of visits