external data

/spaces/{SpaceID}/profiles/{ProfileID}/reports/{ReportID} gets metrics from external sites, such as Facebook or mobile app markets. Because Webtrends trends data over time and creates key metrics from this data, these metrics are pulled into Webtrends data storage. This increases the value of the data, because the metrics are available on the external sites for a limited time.

Valid ReportIDs are:
  • FacebookPagePeopleGenderByAgeReport
  • FacebookPageKeyMetricsWidget
  • FacebookAppPeopleGenderByAgeReport
  • FacebookAppKeyMetricsWidget
  • iOSSalesAndTrendsReport
  • PostRankKeyMetricsWidget
Each report is available in spaces in which the type of data is being collected.





Note: Add any optional parameters to the end of the URI. If you change the order of URI or required parameters, or place optional parameters before them, the call will not work.

Example Request


Example Response

Note: The API now escapes commas within values.