Using Generator

Generator is an application that helps you rapidly compose a request for profile or report data using the REST (Representational State Transfer) Data Extraction API. Generator provides a simple, powerful way to integrate Webtrends data with Excel data, or data from analytics reporting applications.

How do I access Generator?

What's in a REST Data Extraction API request?

A combination of values in a URL format comprises a request for a resource:

The REST API call is a URI with protocol, server, version, profile ID, and other required and optional parameters.
Note: The alphanumeric GUIDs are still valid.

Generator provides a valid combination of values for your request in an accumulative fashion, based on prior selections. When you log in, Generator determines from your authorized account the profiles that are available to you and lists only those, and, for a selected profile, lists only the reports available in it. This eliminates the need to type difficult strings, or to look elsewhere to determine what Webtrends data is available.

In addition, Generator: