get report definition

/profiles/{Profile ID}/reports/{Report ID}/info returns the report definition for the given report ID.




/profiles/{Profile ID}/reports/{Report ID}/info

Note: Add any optional parameters to the end of the URI. If you change the order of URI or required parameters, or place optional parameters before them, the call will not work.

Example Request

Example Response

Note: The API now escapes commas within values.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <decimal name="accountID">10314</decimal>
    <string name="profileID">15667</string>
    <string name="ID">18d039ae036</string>
    <string name="name">Downloaded Files</string>
    <string name="Description">Downloaded Files</string>
    <string name="language">en-US</string>
    <list name="Dimensions">
            <string name="ID">Downloaded Files</string>
            <string name="name">Downloaded Files</string>
    <list name="measures">
            <string name="name">Visits</string>
            <string name="ID">Visits</string>
            <decimal name="columnID">1</decimal>
            <string name="measureFormatType" />
            <string name="name">Downloads</string>
            <string name="ID">Downloads</string>
            <decimal name="columnID">2</decimal>
            <string name="measureFormatType" />