Tracking visitors: mobile application to website

To track visitors from the mobile application to a website, you need to launch a URL from the native app while maintaining user and session information between the Webtrends SDK in the app and the Webtrends JavaScript tag on the target page.

The target page must be tagged with the Webtrends JavaScript tag, and the native app must implement the Webtrends Mobile Library for Windows Phone.
  1. Tag your site by adding the webtrends.id_receiver.js plug-in to the JavaScript tag configuration on the target page.
    window.webtrendsAsyncInit = function () {
    	var dcs = new Webtrends.dcs().init({
    		dcsid: "<your_dcsid>",
    		timezone: "<your_timezone>",
    		plugins: { 
    			id_receiver: { 
    				src: "//"
  2. Open the website from your application, using the Webtrends helper method to load the URL. This appends user and session information to the URL that the JavaScript plug-in parses and uses for its configuration.
    var uri = new Uri(@””);