Troubleshooting Data Exports

The Manage Scheduled Exports dialog displays error messages regarding scheduled data exports.

If you did not receive an export you were expecting, go to the Settings menu in Analytics 10 and then click Scheduled Export in the left panel. Navigate to the export and check for error messages. If no errors are reported, check your email client's attachment limitations.

The following table describes error messages and how to resolve them.

Error Message Description/Resolution
An error occurred

Something caused an internal failure, such as a process timeout.

  • If a job fails the first time, the system retries until it is successful or until all retries have been attempted for the time period. For example, your export runs daily and you see this error when all of today's retries are complete. You can wait until the system attempts the export at the next scheduled export time, or click Run now.
  • You might see this error message when you try to export a report before the previous analysis is complete. This could happen if the date range is a rolling range up to the present or yesterday. In this case, you can verify whether the analysis is finished. When analysis is complete, you can click Run now.
A definition error occurred One of the following causes this error:
  • Profile analysis is disabled
  • Space or profile is deleted or disabled
  • User (manager) of the scheduled export is deleted or disabled
These issues are the result of some action taken by a user or administrator in the account. You or an administrator can take action to resolve them.