Adding a Profile to a Template

Templates determine the report pages, tables, graphs, and funnels that your report contains. After you add a profile to a template the first time, you can add more custom reports to it.

If you need to create a template, it is easiest to modify a Complete View template as described in Modifying a Template. The following steps assume the template you want to use is already available.
  1. In the left panel, choose Web Analysis > Reports & Profiles.
  2. Place the cursor over your profile, click the Action menu to the right, and then choose Edit.
  3. On the gray menu bar, click Reports > Report Templates.
  4. Select your report template. If you want it to be the default, select the radio button. You only need to do this the first time you create custom reports.
  5. Click Save.
Next time the profile runs, the custom report shows up after an analysis cycle, which runs every 12 hours. You can trigger an ad hoc analysis job if you want to see the report sooner.