Administering Accounts, Users, and Data Sources

Administrators can change settings that affect the account, other users, and data sources. You must have Administrator rights to access Account, Users, and Data Sources in the Settings menu.


Administrators can view and edit the company name, contact name, and contact email address for the account.

The License section gives you information on the types of spaces your account is licensed for and how many spaces or profiles you have left.

To change account settings, click Settings > Account.


Administrators can add and remove users and change users' roles. To change user settings, click Settings > Users.

Data Sources

Administrators can enable or restrict access to external data sources for the whole account. When you remove access to a data source, all data from the source is removed from existing spaces and no new spaces can be created with that source.

This manifests differently depending on the type of space users are creating:

Selected external data sources and streaming data sources example

Be careful when removing access to data sources. Restriction of a data source removes all existing data for that source.

To change data sources, click Settings > Data Sources.