Managing Alerts

You can add an alert to Analytics 10 to notify you about changes in a specific metric.

Creating an Alert

Note: Alerts cannot be added in Today and 24-hour modes.

To add an alert:

  1. On the trend graph, select the metric you want to set the alert for.
  2. Hover over the Alerts bar in the annotations menu and click +.
  3. Select Exceeds or Does not reach.
  4. Enter a threshold for the alert.
    • Enter a value in the text box.
    • Or drag the threshold handle to move the line. The value in the box changes as you drag the line up and down.
  5. Click Save.

A red dashed line is displayed on the trend view graph and alert indicators are displayed on the account and profile dashboards.

Editing or Deleting an Alert

  1. View the metric that has the alert you want to edit.
  2. Hover over the red triangle on the alert threshold line. Click to edit the alert.
  3. Edit or delete the alert.
    • Edit alert settings and click Save.
    • To delete the alert, click Delete.