Creating an Android App Space

You can measure an Android app by instrumenting it with the Webtrends Mobile Library for Android. You can also extend the Android Analytics 10 space to include external data from Google Play.

To learn about how to instrument your Android app, see Mobile Library for Android documentation.

Tip: As a security best practice, you might want to connect to Google Play using a separate Google user account that has access to your Android Developer Console. This gives an Android App space access to your application's metrics without using account credentials that many be tied to other Google services, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.
Note: Real-time data reporting is not available for your Google app data downloaded from Google Play as it may lag by a few days. Google data shown in Analytics 10 also may be less recent than data shown in your Google developer account. For information about real-time reporting, see Understanding Real-Time Data.
  1. On the account dashboard, click the + button.
    New space button
  2. Click Android App.
  3. Select the Android developer account you want to use.
    • If you do not have an Android developer account or if your app is not in Google Play yet, click Skip this, my app is not in Google Play.
    • If you already have Android App spaces with Google Play connections, they are listed and you can click the Android account name to create a new space using the existing account.
    • If you do not see your Android developer account listed, click Add, provide your account information and then click Connect.
      Google Play option using an existing Android developer account
  4. Enter the name of your app. Be specific, particularly if your app has different versions like a development version and a production version.
  5. Select a time zone to determine the end of the day for reporting purposes.
  6. Click Choose to upload an image to represent your app.
  7. Click Save.
  8. On the success dialog, click Download the SDK to get the Webtrends Mobile Library, customized with the DCSID for your space. If you're not a developer, click Send Download Instructions to send instructions to the person who will instrument your app with the measurement code.

For more information about capturing event data on your Android space, see Webtrends Mobile Library for Android documentation .

In addition, Google publishes Google Play for Developers Documentation.