Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks help you quickly access report views and dashboards. Filters, sort order, date ranges, and views are saved with the bookmark. You cannot bookmark Heatmaps.

Accessing Bookmarks

From a report or space dashboard, the list of bookmarks appears in the space navigation menu. Click the down arrow to the right of the current space name to open the space navigation and bookmarks list. Click a bookmark entry to navigate to the bookmarked report.
From the account, group, or channel dashboard, click Bookmarks in the left panel to view the list of bookmarks and navigate to bookmarked reports.

Creating, Editing or Deleting a Bookmark

Click the star in the upper right corner of the page you want to bookmark. The star is grayed out when no bookmark exists.

Type a name for the bookmark and click Save.

To edit the bookmark name, click the yellow star and click Edit.

To delete the bookmark, click the yellow star and click Delete.

Setting a Bookmark as Your Home Page

Click the yellow star and then click Set as my home page on the menu.

After you do this, the menu selection changes to Do not use as my home page.

Sharing Bookmarks

Click the yellow star and then click Share.
Note: The states saved with a shared bookmark override user preferences, such as for showing and hiding columns for a given report and showing and sorting by state on an account-level dashboard.

You can create bookmarks of custom dashboards and share them with other users who have rights to the profile. Those users can also save that shared bookmark of the custom dashboard as a bookmark of their own. Users cannot edit a custom dashboard that has been shared via a bookmark.

Managing Your Bookmarks

To see a list of all your bookmarks from the account, group, or channel dashboard, click Bookmarks in the left navigation. To view, delete, edit or share a bookmark, mouse over it and click the down arrow to open the menu.

Note: At present, you cannot:
  • View in Analytics 10 bookmarks that were created in Analytics 9, and vice versa
  • Organize bookmarks into folders or other customized views