Setting Up a Campaign Report

Webtrends Analytics 9 includes Campaign Drilldown reports that provide more answers about campaign success.

  1. Tag your site or URL with Webtrends parameters, such as the WT.mc_id parameter, and any other parameters you want to use to collect information. If you have not already set up your site with the correct parameters for collecting order and revenue information, for example, you may also want to add these parameters for the most complete reporting.
  2. Create a profile using the Marketing Report Pack, which includes all the relevant campaign reports, or enable individual campaign reports in both the Reports dialog box of your profile settings and in your report template. The Complete View template contains all the relevant reports.
  3. Enable Visitor History for each profile you use to track campaigns, and decide how long you want to attribute data to each campaign identified by WT.mc_id.
    Note: If you enabled campaign reports by enabling the Marketing Report Pack, the appropriate Visitor History categories are enabled automatically.
  4. Customize the Campaign Drilldown CSV file.
  5. Change the levels in the main Campaign Drilldown report:
    1. Copy and modify the Most Recent Campaign (drilldown) dimension.
    2. Copy and modify any reports that use the Most Recent Campaign (drilldown) dimension so that they use the new version of this dimension.
    3. Modify your templates and profiles so that they use the new version of the report(s).
    Note: You can only change the levels in the drilldown reports (or any other custom reports) if you license Custom Reporting. If you license the Marketing Report Pack, you can use any of the campaign custom reports as-is. Drilldown levels for which the translation file includes no data are displayed as None in reports.