Tracking Campaign Success in Analytics 10

Campaigns are based on the URLs of your landing and conversion pages, which Analytics 10 can help you identify. Campaign dashboards and reports make it easy to understand referral and conversion traffic patterns.

When you set up campaign measurement, Analytics 10 shows you the pages on your site that are likely to be landing pages and conversion pages. Analytics 10 also uses parameter detection to show you which ads drove traffic to specific landing pages. Click the ads count on one of the detected pages in the list to see the associated ads.

Note: Campaigns are URL-based, so even if none of your pages have campaign parameters on them, you can still set up a campaign. Parameter detection is only used to help you find pages that are part of your campaign.

When you create a campaign in Analytics 10, all visits to the conversion page you define are counted as conversions for the purposes of campaign reports, as long as that visit also included a view of the selected landing page.