Transaction Invoice Number: WT.tx_i

Specifies the number of an invoice associated with a purchase. This parameter helps identify cases where page refresh results in multiple identical purchases.


WT . tx_i = invoice number


Identifies the invoice number for the purchase. Webtrends Analytics 9 uses data stored in Visitor History to make sure that a page view with an invoice number is a new purchase and not the result of a visitor refreshing the page after making a purchase. If Webtrends Analytics 9 sees a page view with an invoice number, that page view is compared against the last three invoices for a visitor. If the WT.tx_i value does not match the last three invoices, Webtrends considers it a new purchase.

The Visitor Data Mart also recognizes this parameter. For more information, see Configuring Your Website to Collect Visitor Data Mart Data.

Note: Webtrends Express Analysis cannot use the invoice data to identify duplicate purchase records because the Express Analysis Engine does not use visitor history data.

This parameter identifies the invoice number for the purchase. This value is used by the visitor history (in MLA) and by the eDBLoader (in MLW) to protect against a user hitting refresh after a purchase is made. This parameter is used to prevent the erroneous recording of purchases.

Valid Value: Alphanumeric string
Multiple Values? No