Transaction Invoice Date: WT.tx_id

Specifies the date of an invoice associated with a purchase.


WT . tx_id = mm/dd/yy(yy)


This parameter identifies the purchase invoice date (GMT-based) and is used to prevent the erroneous recording of purchases.

The format is mm/dd/yy. A 4-digit year is also allowed: mm/dd/yyyy.

If the invoice date is three days older than the date of the visit, it is assumed that the hit is not an actual purchase but a view of a previously bookmarked or saved page. If the invoice date was less than three days than the date of the visit, the WT.tx_i parameter is used to determine if the hit is a valid purchase.

For example, a visitor makes a purchase. The purchase is accounted with an invoice date. The visitor saves a bookmark to the page. Five days later, the visitor goes to the bookmarked page. This causes another hit to be sent to SDC. However, the WT.tx_id parameter still contains the original purchase date. Webtrends analysis sees that the date of the hit is several days after the date found in the WT.tx_id parameter and determines that this is not an actual purchase.

Valid Value: Date. Both 2-digit and 4-digit years are recognized (mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy).
Multiple Values? No