Transaction Invoice Time: WT.tx_it

Specifies the time of an invoice associated with a purchase.


WT . tx_it = hh:mm:ss


This parameter identifies the purchase invoice time (GMT-based) and is used to prevent the erroneous recording of purchases.

Identifies time of the invoice. The format is hh:mm:ss where hh is in a 24-hour format (0 = midnight, 23 = 11pm).

This parameter helps determine when an invoiced purchase was made. This value is used along with WT.tx_id and WT.tx_i to determine if the purchase was a valid purchase or if this was a user refreshing the web page after a purchase or returning to the page to check status.

Valid Value: Time, in the format hh:mm:ss where “hh” is in 24-hour format (0=midnight, 23=11pm).
Multiple Values? No