Analytics 10 Help, October 2013


You can measure two types of Facebook spaces—pages and apps. Both spaces track report data from the Facebook Graph API. Additionally, you can set up app spaces to include data collected from the Webtrends JavaScript tag. 

Facebook Pages 

When you create a Facebook Page space, Webtrends Analytics 10 connects to the Facebook Graph API data for your page and uses it to create a dashboard and a set of reports.

Note: On February 15, 2012, Facebook adjusted the way it tracks and reports on pages to better focus on engagement. As a result, Webtrends Analytics 10 reports for Facebook page spaces were updated to incorporate new metrics and, in cases where insights were deprecated, removed. 

Facebook Apps

If your Facebook app has been set up to use the Webtrends JavaScript tag additional reporting is available, however the key metrics continue to display Facebook Graph API data.

Parent topic: Creating Spaces for Sites and Apps