Managing Facebook Connections

Use My Connections to manage your Facebook access credentials and any connection errors.

Your connections are the credentials you use in Analytics 10 to log in to external data sources, such as Facebook, iTunes, and Google Play, Twitter, and YouTube.

Note: Any new or updated Facebook connections reset with a 60-day expiration from the date of creation or update. The expiration date of a connection created prior to May 1, 2012 does not reset unless you make an update to the connection.

Click Connection Error for alerts or More information for more information about your Facebook connection status or expiration.

Invalid Connection Notification

When you log in to Analytics 10, an alert lists any invalid connections and provides a link to My Connections so you can update your credentials.

Email Notifications

Webtrends sends you an email notification 14 days before your Facebook connection expires and again when the connection becomes invalid.

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