Analyzing Facebook Page Posts

The Posts by Admins report lists the most recent content administrators have posted to your Facebook page and how page visitors responded (comments).

When you create a new Facebook Page space, Analytics 10 retrieves 58 days of historic data. From that point forward, report data for a post is refreshed every 15 minutes for 28 days, after which no new comments are added and metrics are no longer updated.

While the posts that appear in the report are determined by the selected date range, the comments and related metrics that appear are up to the most current date. Additionally, when you apply a 7-day, 28-day or other default date range, the current day is added to include all posts up to the last 15 minutes.

Report example

Posts by Admins Report

Details of the currently selected post. Click the post to view it in Facebook.
All the comments for the selected post.
Filter to limit the display of posts by type. The list of available post types is determined by existing posts for the page. Examples include Link, Photo, Video, and Question.
Use Add/Remove Column to choose the data you want to view in the table below. Report metrics include Date Created, Reach, Likes and more.
Use Search to display posts that contain a particular keyword or phrase.