Data, Analysis, and Reporting FAQs

Answer your questions, such as what Analytics 10 reports are available in Analytics 9 and whether you have to upgrade your tag to see new reports, in this FAQ.

Are Analytics 10 reports available in Analytics 9?

Yes. Reports created by Analytics 10 are available in Analytics 9 with the corresponding profile. You can also add Analytics 10 reports to existing Analytics 9 profiles.
Note: Reports containing external data and dashboards (including the page dashboard, campaign dashboard, and space dashboard) are not available in Analytics 9.

Can I get historical data for external data sources?

Yes. When you create a space that includes external data, Analytics 10 retrieves as much historical data as the data provider allows.

Can I edit report categories?

Your administrator can edit these through the Administration console in Analytics 9.

I want to see only specific data on a report. Do I need to build a custom report?

Maybe not. Your administrator needs to build custom reports for you, but you can also filter out elements of a report that you do not need to see. When you view a report, you can choose to view data in bar charts, line charts, or heat maps. You can also search on a term to show only data related to that term. For example, you have URLs that contain "Order Confirmation," so you type confirmation in the search box and then press the Enter key. Only URLs that contain "confirmation" appear in the report.

Why don't I see all of the new reports?

You get to choose which visualizations to add to existing profiles on a profile-by-profile basis. The content of some profiles with enormous volumes are carefully managed to ensure they continue to deliver reports on schedule.

For steps to enable features in the Site Dashboard, see the Webtrends blog about new Analytics 10 reports and visualizations.

Do I have to upgrade my tag to see the new reports?

No. You can see most of the reports using an older version of the JavaScript tag. If you want to see newer features like heatmaps and Streams, download v10 from

How do I share or export data from Analytics 10?

Click in any view in Analytics 10 to share or export the data you see on the screen.