Spaces, Groups, Channels, and Dashboards FAQs

From understanding the difference between a space and profile to knowing what you can and cannot edit, these questions and answers might be for you.

What's the difference between a space and a profile?

A profile does the analysis. A space is a representation of that digital property's data. Profiles filter out and change what you see.

Why can't I create a particular type of space?

Some spaces require a certain type of licensing. If you need to create a space that is not in your license package, contact Webtrends Sales.

How are profiles mapped to spaces?

It depends on the type of profile. Website profiles are grouped with the space in Analytics 10 that has the same domain. Other profile types map to spaces using the App Name field. Read the help in Analytics 9 when creating a new profile for more information.

Do groups aggregate data for the profiles they contain?

No. The spaces and profiles displayed on a group dashboard can only be correlated with one another. There is no group data roll-up.

Can I edit a group?

You can edit only those groups that you create.

Can I create two website spaces with the same domain?

No. To create different views of the same space, you can create profiles using Analytics 9.

Do all spaces need to have a profile?

No. Only spaces for which Webtrends collects data have profile. Third-party spaces like Twitter do not have profiles.

Can I edit a channel?

No. Spaces are automatically assigned to channels and cannot be changed.

Can I build a custom dashboard?

Yes. You are the only one who can see a custom dashboard that you create.

Can I share everything I see on a dashboard?

You can share key metrics data, but not data from dashboard widgets like the geography visualization and word cloud. The data used to populate widgets comes from reports which you can view by clicking the widget's name.