Filtering Report Data

Use the filter control to filter reporting results by a text string or substring.

You set include/exclude filters at the profile level in Analytics 9, but you can also filter data on reports in Analytics 10. You can choose the view (Bar Chart, Line Chart, or Heat Map), the number of entries to show, and a keyword to narrow the report results shown on the page.

Data filtered by keyword "cart"

1 - Line Chart is the selected view
2 - 25 is the number of entries shown per page
3 - "cart" is the filter keyword

To filter by keyword, type the keyword in the filter and then press the Enter key.

You can share filtered report views and drilled-through views of multi-dimensional reports through Web Services data extraction (Excel, XML, or JSON), downloaded CSV file, emailed link, downloaded PDF, or scheduled export. Drilled-down states are not preserved.

Web Services data extraction requires the Webtrends Data Extraction API v3.