Using Groups to Organize Spaces and Profiles

You can drag spaces and profiles into groups to organize your view of them. Groups are for organization and correlation only, and do not combine or roll up the report data of spaces or profiles.

These examples show some possible uses of groups in Analytics 10.

Example 1: Website Space Profiles from Related Sites
Alice is in charge of measuring all of the documentation resources at AOI. She wants to focus on her area of responsibility without having to search through all of AOI's spaces, so she creates a group containing specific properties and apps of interest to her: the AOI Support page profile, the AOI Customer Service Facebook Page space, and the AOI Mobile Help profile.
Example 2: Facebook App Marketer
AOI is building up its Facebook presence by creating a variety of Facebook apps. Each app has its own space in Analytics 10. Chris is in charge of measuring the success of the new AOI Facebook apps. He puts all of the apps into a group so he can compare the apps against each other at a glance without having to find and view them individually.