Viewing a Heatmap

See where visitors click on your site pages.

  1. From a profile or space, click Heatmaps in the left navigation pane. A list of links to the top five most visited pages or screens appears, according to the type of profile or space you selected.
  2. Click one of the links. The page opens in another window with the heatmap overlay turned on.
  3. Adjust the heatmap display as needed.
    • To use a different color density, select an number from the available drop-down list and click Update. The higher the number, the greater the contrast.
    • To adjust the display to use a different color filter, select an option from the available drop-down list and click Update.
    • To turn the heatmap overlay off, click view icon or press H on your keyboard. Use the same method to turn the heatmap on again.
      Tip: Turning off the heatmap is useful when you want to interact with the page. For example, you may want to view drop-down menus or other hidden elements that your visitors use.
    • To refresh the heatmap with the latest click event data, click Update.
After you have launched a heatmap for one page, you can easily change the display to see the heatmap for another page. Enter a new page address (URL) to replace the existing page address and press Enter.