About License Limits

The types of spaces you can create depends on your license, whether the space requires a profile, and whether your account has profiles available.

License Types and Space Types

The types of spaces you can create are dictated by your account's license. If you don't see a particular space type on the What do you want to measure? page, your account isn't licensed for it.

Key Metrics, Business, and Enterprise license levels determine the reporting depth of spaces you can create. Click Settings > Account to see the license level for each of your space types in the License and Usage chart. Each space type can be licensed at a different level.

Note: If you don't have any Enterprise-licensed space types, you won't see profiles in Analytics 10, only spaces. Nor do you have access to Analytics 9 and its advanced options and custom reporting.

You can't enable space types or license levels from within Analytics 10. You must contact your Webtrends account manager.

Profile Availability

Any space that uses Webtrends data requires an "analytics profile". Your account license provides a certain number of profiles, and when your profiles run out, you can't create spaces that require them.

Profiles can be consumed when they are added to spaces, as well as during space creation.

Undisplayed Profiles

If your account is licensed for Segments, SmartView, or parent-child profiles, creation of these types of profiles in Analytics 9 9 will reduce your available profile count in Analytics 10, but the profiles themselves are not displayed in Analytics 10.