Lookup Tables for Drilldowns

The campaigns.csv and products.csv lookup tables determine how Webtrends creates drilldown reports for marketing campaigns and product merchandising.

Webtrends uses the information in these lookup tables to provide data linked to either a product SKU number (passed in the WT.pn_sku query parameter) or a Campaign ID (passed in the WT.mc_id query parameter). The information provided in this parameter should be the same as the key column of the lookup table. The value columns provide the information for additional columns in the reports. You can modify the values in the lookup tables to reflect data for your web site, but you must maintain the order and the naming scheme for the columns in the lookup table. The drilldown lookup tables, products.csv and campaigns.csv, are located in the following directory:

Webtrends installation directory\storage\config\wtm_wtx\datfiles\datasources