Managing Notes

Notes are a great way to supplement the data on the space dashboard. You can add notes to the trend graph either by creating a new note with original content or by creating a note from an alert.

Creating a Note

  1. Click + on the Notes bar.
  2. Type your note in the Content box.
  3. Specify whether to make the note available in all spaces or just the current profile (space).
  4. Optional: Click in the Date or Time text box and modify the default setting if you want to apply the note to a different date or time.
  5. Click Save.

Viewing Notes

Notes only appear on the space dashboard in Annotations viewing mode. You can click the Notes bar to toggle notes on and off.

When notes are on, Analytics 10 adds a flag to the trend view graph for every note. Any other annotations for the same day (notes, alerts, and RSS feeds are all annotations) are combined in a flag.

Converting Alerts to Notes

At the end of the alert entry, click .

Editing a Note

  1. At the end of the note entry, click .
  2. Edit the note and click Save. You may need to refresh the page to see the update.

Deleting a Note

  1. At the end of the note, click .
  2. Click Delete to confirm.