Managing Scheduled Exports

After a scheduled export is created from the view of the report or dashboard you want to export, you can start and stop exports, view who manages the export, view the last and next run dates, and modify or delete any scheduled exports they have created.

Note: Administrators can view and modify any user's scheduled exports except exports from personal dashboards. Report Users and Report Managers cannot see or edit any other user's exports.
Viewing the Manage Scheduled Exports Dialog

Scheduled exports appear in the Manage Scheduled Exports dialog in alphabetical order. Choose to get to this dialog from the Settings menu or the Share menu:

  • Click the Settings menu at the top of the page and then click Scheduled Exports.
  • Click at the top of the report or dashboard view and then click Manage Scheduled Exports in the left panel.
Administrators can filter the list of exports: Change the Managed by setting at the top right of the dialog to show only exports that you have created or that others have created.
Running a Scheduled Export Immediately
  1. Click next to the scheduled export you want to run.
  2. In the Schedule section of the export settings information, click Run Now.
Changing the Export Format, Distribution, Date Range, or Schedule
  1. Click next to the export you want to modify.
  2. Click and proceed through the Edit Scheduled Export wizard.
Enabling and Disabling a Scheduled Export
Exports are active by default when you schedule them. To disable an export, click Disable. To reactivate a disabled export, click Enable.
Delete icon is on the lower right of the scheduled report listing
Deleting a Scheduled Export
Click next to the export you want to delete.
Viewing Last Ran, Next Scheduled Run, and Other Export Details

The Manage Scheduled Exports dialog shows you when the export last ran and when it is schedule to run next on the scheduled export listing. To view additional information about the export, click .

Shows a definition error message in the Manage Scheduled Exports dialog.
Viewing Export Errors
The Manage Scheduled Export dialog provides a link to more information about export definition errors on the scheduled report listing.