Mobile Web and Mobile Application Parameters

These parameters are used with the Webtrends Client Libraries for Mobile Applications to track both web and application activity associated with mobile devices.

These values have a maximum length of 512 characters. For more information about using these parameters with the Mobile Libraries, visit

Application Ad Click



Indicates that an ad was clicked within a mobile application.

Application Ad Impression



Indicates that one or more ads was viewed in a mobile application. Typically, this parameter is used with the WT.a_an parameter to specify one or more ads viewed in a single application screen.

Application Ad Name



Specifies one more names of ads presented in a mobile application. You can pass multiple ad names using semicolons to delimit the list. The maximum length for each Name is 64 bytes.

Application Name


WT.a_nm=application name

Specifies the name of a mobile application. This parameter can be used to report on the usage of different applications.

Application Category


WT.a_cat=application category

Specifies a category of mobile application such as Games, Health & Wellness, or Productivity. This parameter can be used to report on the usage of different types of apps.

Application Publisher


WT.a_pub=application publisher

Specifies the developer, publisher, or vendor for an application. This parameter is required.

Connection Type



Specifies the connection type used to send the data. Many mobile devices go in and out of various connection states such as wifi, 3G, Edge, or 7.1G. To avoid sending a flood of this data as the connection fluctuates, the best practice is to send this parameter only once per session. The Webtrends Mobile Application Libraries use this best practice.



WT.g_co=Country Code

Specifies the country of origin for mobile traffic using a country code.

Device Model model

Specifies the model of the mobile device that an application is running on, for example the model of a mobile phone. For example, Droid or 3GS.

Event Time Stamp


WT.ets=epoch time stamp

Specifies an epoch (Unix) time stamp for an event. This time stamp is recorded so events that occur when a device is offline can be sent as an ordered batch when the device comes back online. For example, For example, WT.ets=1006725234.

Event Type



Specifies the type of event activity on a mobile device. For example, this parameter can be used to differentiate activities such as clicks, swipes, and content views.

Geolocation Coordinates



Specifies the latitude and longitude of a mobile device.