Understanding Connections and Connection Errors

Your connections are the credentials you use in Analytics 10 to log in to external data sources, such as Facebook, iTunes, and Google Play, Twitter, and YouTube. To view this information, click Settings > My Connections.

You can also see the status and expiration of your connections in My Connections.Click Connection Error icon for information about a connection error on all dashboard pages. Depending on your user rights and whether you own the connection, the Connection Error message tells you that someone has been notified about this problem, you need to reassign this to another user, or you need to update your connection.

Example of Facebook connections in My Connections

Connection Status and Expiration in My Connections

On the Space Details page, click Connection Error icon for more information about connection errors.

Connection error on a Space Details page

When you log in to Analytics 10, an alert lists any invalid connections and provides a link to My Connections so you can update your credentials.