Viewing the Path Analysis Report

This report visualizes the sequence of pages visitors take when they navigate your site. You can view up to 20 pages of a path to or from a specific page, depending on the number of levels the report is set to track.

Use path analysis to determine visitor interests and behaviors as well as identify significant pages in your site. For example, you may be interested in the paths visitors take to reach your on-site search page and where they go after they get there.

Note: Scenario Analysis and Path Analysis are not the same. Scenario Analysis is a fixed series of steps you want a visitor to perform for an end result, such as registering for something or making a purchase. Path Analysis shows you the route a visitor takes through your site. Both help you leverage typical user paths to redesign your site for maximum effectiveness.

You define scenarios and the order of their steps in Analytics 9.

Tree View

Use the tree view to expand visitor paths into an interactive branching structure. From here, you can click and drag different pages or content groups to explore the various paths your site visitors take. Tree view is available when the Path Analysis report is in Explore Paths mode.

Tree view of All Entry Pages path analysis report

All Entry Pages Path Analysis Report (tree view)

. Click the image to view the report in Full Screen view.
1 - Selected Entry Page

The page where visitors started to view the site.

2 - Selected Path

This line connects the pages that make up the path selected to view.

3 - Available Entry Pages

Click a new entry page to change the path display.

Linear View

Use the linear view to collapse paths into a single row. Linear view is available when the Path Analysis report is in Paths to or Paths from mode.

Linear View example

All Entry Pages Path Analysis Report (linear view)

Path Analysis and Content Groups

If you use content groups to identify and report on collections of your web pages that have related subject matter, the individual steps in a path are content group views.