Preparing Your Website for Scenario Analysis

After you create the Scenario Analysis definition, tag the pages you want to track for this scenario using query parameters.


Identifies the name of the scenario. The maximum length for each name value is 64 characters. The value of this parameter must match the Scenario Analysis Name setting. You can tag a page for multiple scenarios by separating multiple values with a semicolon.

Choose which method you want to use to identify steps in the scenario. You can use only one of the following query parameters to identify the step:


Identifies the Scenario step by name, such as “CartView.” The value of this parameter matches the SmartSource Identification String specified when configuring the step.


Identifies the position of the step, such as “2.” The numeric value of this parameter must match the order that you arrange them in the Ordered List of Steps list box.


Identifies the page that you consider the conversion step, typically the last step in your scenario, when you use Webtrends Visitor Data Mart.