Adding and Viewing Feeds

Feeds are XML documents used to publish regularly updated Internet content, like blog posts, news articles, and press releases. Use them in Analytics 10 to help view your metrics in the context of world events, company press releases, blog posts, and more.

You can add multiple feeds to the trend graph and then view or hide them individually.

To use feeds, you must be in Annotations viewing mode Annotations mode button at the top right of the screen.

When you select a feed:

RSS feed entries are marked with RSS feed icon.

RSS Feeds

Click an item in the Feeds list to display its entries.
Click the plus sign next to Feeds to add a new feed.
Flags on the trend graph represent feed entries.
Click to delete a feed or to edit it.

Sharing RSS Feeds

When you create your feed, select the Share check box in the RSS dialog. When other users with access to the same profile use the Add RSS Feed dialog, your feed is in the list of selectable feeds.

You can also publish your notes as an RSS feed that other users can add to their trend view.

RSS Feed Requirements

RSS feeds must use RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0 or later and contain Title and PublicationDate data. Make sure your authenticated RSS feed uses HTTPS, and that the username and password you are entering are correct.

You can code your own feed in XML, but many RSS feed creation tools are available. Ask your webmaster how you can create a feed to add to RSS overlay view. You can also publish your notes as an RSS feed.